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Date: 1720

"But Friendship is the Mirror of the Mind, which lays open to us all our Faults"

— Shadwell, Charles (d. 1726)

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Date: 1722

"Such an Author consulted in a Morning, sets the Spirit for the Vicissitudes of the Day, better than the Glass does a Man's Person"

— Steele, Sir Richard (1672-1729)

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Date: 1752

"Is not Ambition glutted with my Store? / And yet that faithful Mirror of the Mind, / Reflection, still a gloomy Prospect shews."

— Gentleman, Francis (1728-1784)

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Date: 1775

A new light may break in upon someone

— Sheridan, Richard Brinsley (1751-1816)

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Date: May 18, 1782, 1785

"Why is the countenance made a mask for the soul, when it should be a mirror, in which every eye might behold the true features of the mind, in the deformity of vice, or the loveliness of virtue!"

— Pilon, Frederick (1750-1788)

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.