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Date: 1590

The body is a Castle

— Spenser, Edmund (1552-1599)

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Date: 1592

"Thine eye the glasse where I behold my hart, / mine eye the window, through the which thine eye / may see my hart, and there thy selfe espye / in bloudie colours how thou painted art."

— Constable, Henry (1562-1613)

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Date: 1601-3

"With so great care doth she, that hath brought forth / That comely body, labour to adorne / That better part, the mansion of your minde, / With all the richest furniture of worth; / To make y'as highly good as highly borne, / And set your vertues equall to your kinde."

— Daniel, Samuel (1562/3-1619)

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Date: 1610

"Man is a lump, where all beasts kneaded be, / Wisdom makes him an ark where all agree; / The fool, in whom these beasts do live at jar, / Is sport to others and a theatre, / Nor 'scapes he so, but is himself their prey; / All which was man in him is eat away, / And now his beasts on one another ...

— Donne, John (1572-1631)

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Date: 1624, 1628

"Heu dolor! caveae membra fuere meae. / Pes compes, manicaeque manus, nervique catenae, / Ossaque cancellis nativa repagula claustri, / Damner ut hospitii compede vincta mei?" ["Alas, what misery! that the light poured me forth on these unhappy airs! My very limbs are a prison to me. Feet fetters...

— Hugo, Herman (1588-1629)

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Date: 1633

"within my heart I made / Closets; and in them many a chest; / And like a master in my trade, / In those chests, boxes; in each box, a till: / Yet grief knows all, and enters when he will."

— Herbert, George (1593-1633)

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Date: 1649

"Or were these gems sent to adorn his skin, / The cabinet of a richer soul within?"

— Dryden, John (1631-1700)

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Date: 1649

"Tell me not (Sweet) I am unkind, / That from the nunnery / Of thy chaste breast and quiet mind / To war and arms I fly."

— Lovelace, Richard (1617-1657)

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Date: 1657

"Cupid denied of this did backward start, / And ran for hast to hide him in her heart, / Where he renewed fresh flames, and by delay, / So I corcht his wings he could not fly away / Thus force perforce in her my conquer'd breast / Is the poore Inne of such a God-borne guest, / Whom while I harbor...

— Bold, Henry (1627-1683)

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Date: 1658

"The Alc'ran sayes, (which who will may beleeve) / The Moon descended into Mahomet's sleeve: / 'Tis strange! yet God doth his loves lamp impart / T'a more coarcted room, what's that? the heart."

— Billingsley, Nicholas (bap. 1633, d. 1709)

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.