A monarch may reign "In his Subjects Hearts, as on his Throne"

— Ayres, Philip (1638-1712)

A monarch may reign "In his Subjects Hearts, as on his Throne"
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I paint the Prince the World would surely crave,
Could they the Summ of all their Wishes have;
Pattern of Goodness Him on Earth we see,
Who knows He bears the Stamp of Deity;
He's made, by Nature, fit for Sword or Gown,
And with undoubted Right enjoys his Crown;
As Gold by Fire, He's try'd by Suffering,
Preserv'd by Miracles to be a King;
Troubles were Foils to make his Glories shine,
Through all conducted by a Hand Divine:
Malice long strove his Fortunes to defeat,
Now Earth and Heav'n conspire to make him Great:
He of all Temp'ral Blessings is possest,
But in a Royal Consort doubly blest:
His Mind, as Head, with Princely Vertue crown'd,
To him, no Equal can on Earth be found.
His ev'ry Action has peculiar Grace,
And MAJESTY appears in Mien and Face.
In Subjects Hearts, as on his Throne he raigns;
Himself the Weight of all his Realms sustains;
Of ablest Statesmen ever seeks Advice,
And of best Councils knows to make his Choice;
Is taught by long Obedience, to command;
His own best Gen'ral He for Sea, and Land.
Loves Peace, whilst thus for War and Action fit,
And Arms and Hate lays down when Foes submit:
Not of too open, nor too frugal Mind,
In all things to the Golden Mean inclin'd;
Seems for himself not born, but People rather,
And shews by's Care, that He's their Common Father;
Lewdness expels both from his Camp, and Court;
No Flatt'rers please, nor Fools can make him Sport;
Grave in Discoursing, in his Habit plain,
And all Excess endeavours to restrain:
As Fates decree, so stands his Royal Word,
O'er all his Passions governs as their Lord;
Nicely does he inspect each Fair Pretence,
Justice alike to Friend and Foe dispense;
He's the Retreat to which Opprest do fly,
Extending Help to those in Misery.
Gracious to Good, to Wicked Men severe,
Supports the Humble, makes the Haughty fear;
To true Deserts in Mercy unconfin'd,
His Laws do more Himself than others bind,
At Sea his Naval Power He stretches far,
In Europe holds the Scales of Peace and War,
His Actions lasting Monuments shall frame,
None leave to Future Age so sweet a Name.
  Add ten times more, the Royal Image must
  Fall short of JAMES the Great, the Good, the Just.
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