One may have "A soule tra-lucent in an open brest"

— Sylvester, Joshua (1562/3-;1618)

One may have "A soule tra-lucent in an open brest"
Metaphor in Context
A spirit, to vertues cheerfully addrest;
  Apt to all goodnes, to no ill inclin'd;
  Quick to conceiue, ingenious to digest;
  Whose tongue is still true trumpet of the minde:
A body, resting when it hath no rest;
  A waxen mildnes in a steely minde;
  A soule tra-lucent in an open brest,
  Which others thoughts through boany wals can finde;
Whose front reflects maiestical-humility,
  Whose graue-sweet look commandingly-intreats,
  Which in one instant fear and loue begets:
A King still warring to obtain tranquillity,
  To saue his Country scorning thousand dangers;
  Mirror of Fraunce, and miracle of Strangers.
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