"Affection is the Chain of grateful Minds."

— Hughes, John (1678?-1720)

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Printed by J. Tonson and J. Watts
"Affection is the Chain of grateful Minds."
Metaphor in Context
A Soul thus form'd, and such a Soul is here,
Needs not the dangerous Test of Riches fear,
But, unsubdu'd to Wealth, may safely stand,
And count o'er Heaps with an unsully'd Hand.
Heav'n that knew this, and where t'intrust its Store,
And blessing One, oft' blesses many more,
First gave a Will to give, then fitly join'd
A liberal Fortune to a liberal Mind.
With such a graceful Ease her Bounty flows;
She gives, and scarce that she's the Giver knows,
But seems receiving most, when she the most bestows.
Rich in her self, well may she value more
Her Wealth within, the Mind's immortal Store;
Passions subdu'd, and Knowledge free from Pride,
Good Humour, ever to good Sense ally'd,
Well-season'd Mirth, and Wisdom unsevere,
An equal Temper, and a Heart sincere;
Gifts that alone from Nature's Bounty flow,
Which Fortune may display, but not bestow;
For Wealth but sets the Picture more in Sight,
And brings the Beauties or the Faults to Light.
How true th'Esteem, that's founded in Desert?
How pleasing is the Tribute of the Heart?
Here willing Duty ne'er was paid in vain,
And e'en Dependence cannot feel its Chain,
Yet whom She thus sets free She closer binds,
(Affection is the Chain of grateful Minds)
And, doubly blessing her adopted Care,
Makes them her Virtues with her Fortune share,
Leads by Example, and by Kindness guards,
And raises first the Merit She rewards.
(vol. I, pp. 159-60)
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John Hughes, Poems on Several Occasions. With Some Select Essays in Prose. In Two Volumes. By John Hughes; Adorn'd with Sculptures. (London: Printed by J. Tonson and J. Watts, 1735). <Link to vol. I in Google Books> <Link to vol. II in Google Books><See also 1779 edition in Google Books><Link to ECCO>
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