" My panting soul is all on fire"

— Whalley, Thomas Sedgwick (1746-1828)

Place of Publication
Printed by R. Cruttwell, for J. Marshall and sold by R. Baldwin, T. Becket, and T. Hookham
" My panting soul is all on fire"
Metaphor in Context
Shall I trust the thoughts that rise
And struggle in my panting breast,
Tinted with a thousand dyes,
Image quick on image prest?
Shall they dare, my trembling lays,
Lift their notes in feeble praise,
To sing a theme might well inspire
An Homer's force, a Pindar's fire?
Avaunt! avaunt! each coward fear;
I feel the swelling raptures roll
In surging tides upon my soul;
Celestial promptings strike my ear!
Reach then, reach my sounding lyre;
My panting soul is all on fire:
Swift the silver strings accord;
My eager hand,
Thy skill command;
A mighty strain be pour'd!
O! for a strain so potent to impart
The great sensations struggling in my heart!
Let but the high enthusiasms roll
Warm from my hand, as active in my soul;
Let the loud thunders of my voice declare
The vivid lightning's flashing there!
Then strong shall be the flood of rhyme,
And all be full, and all sublime.
Seize! seize! the glowing images that pass
Like transient shadows o'er the mimic glass!
Let not their fervors faint and die!
It is the hour of extacy.
All, all the Muse upon me breaks!
I hear, I know her voice, and thus she speaks:--
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See Mont Blanc: An Irregular Lyric Poem: By the Revd. Thomas Sedgwick Whalley (Bath: Printed for R. Cruttwell, 1788). <Link to ECCO>
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