Kings and courts may stain the mind

— Moore, Edward (1712-1757)

Place of Publication
Printed by J. Hughs, For R. and J. Dodsley
Kings and courts may stain the mind
Metaphor in Context
And first, that You, of all mankind,
With Kings and Courts should stain your mind!
You! who were Opposition's lord!
Her nerves, her sinews, and her sword!
That You at last, for servile ends,
Should wound the bowels of her friends! --
Is aggravation of offence,
That leaves for mercy no pretence.
Yet more--For You to urge your hate,
And back the church, to aid the state!
For You to publish such a Letter!
You! who have known Religion better!
For You, I say, to introduce
The fraud again!--There's no excuse.
And last of all, to crown your shame,
Was it for You to load with blame
The writings of a Patriot-Youth,
And summon Innocence and Truth
To prop your cause?--Was this for You?--
But justice does your crimes pursue;
And sentence now alone remains,
Which thus, by Me, the court ordains.
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