The mind's "elect interpreter" is "the Tongue"

— Miller, James (1704-1744)

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Printed for J. Watts [etc.]
The mind's "elect interpreter" is "the Tongue"
Metaphor in Context
For plastic Nature fashions first the Mind,
To Fortune's each Vicissitude inclin'd,
Now wings it heav'n-ward with extatic Mirth,
Now weighs it down with Anguish to the Earth;
With Rage inflates it now to seek the Foe,
Now shews it melting at another's Woe;
Then tells each State, save 'midst the courtly Throng,
By her elect Interpreter the Tongue:
When, therefore, That runs counter to the Heart,
For Nature's Bullion palms the Mint of Art,
Is husht, the Soul's true Motions to conceal,
Or busy'd, feign'd Affections to reveal,
Utters what ne'er was felt, what ne'er was thought,
And by the Brain, instead of Breast, is taught,
We break thro' Truth and Reason's sacred Rules,
And fall from Sense for fear of being Fools:
Whilst the sole Profit of the poor Disguise
Is the loud Laughter of the Brave, and Wife.
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