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Date: 1692

"Gold first their Blindfold Reason led astray"

— Ward, Edward (1667-1731)

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Date: 1694

"An obliging Design, which wou'd procure them inward Beauty, to whom Nature has unkindly denied the outward; and not permit those Ladies who have comely Bodies, to tarnish their Glory with deformed Souls."

— Astell, Mary (1666-1731)

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Date: 1698

"You have paid Your sad Respects to Her; be not now wanting to Your selves: but 'Gird up the Loins of Your Mind', and be Ye comforted!"

— Atterbury, Francis (1663-1732)

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Date: 1700

"What does the World think of this holding up the Buckler, they put but a bad Construction upon it, and say that his Conscience is Ulcerated, that you cannot touch any String, but it will answer to some painful place."

— Brown, Thomas (bap. 1663, d. 1704)

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.