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Date: October 4, 1802

"Hence, viper thoughts, that coil around my mind, / Reality's dark dream! / I turn from you, and listen to the wind, / Which long has raved unnoticed."

— Coleridge, Samuel Taylor (1772-1834)

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Date: 1804, 1807

"Their souls shall reach the Sabbath of the skies;-- / As birds, from bleak Norwegia's wintry coast / Blown out to sea, strive to regain the shore, / But, vainly striving; yield them to the blast,-- / Swept o'er the deep to Albion's genial isle, / Amazed they light amid the bloomy sprays / Of som...

— Graham, James (1765-1811)

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Date: 1805?

Holding council in the breast is like the "regal bee" consulting before calling forth the "warlike train" "from their waxen cells"

— Thelwall, John (1764-1834)

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Date: January 15, 1805

"No, no, I feel a pack of dogs worrying my heart, and my eyes on fire--but I can't cry."

— Morton, Thomas (1764-1838)

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Date: w. 1805

"And I have scarcely pitied him; have felt / A reverence for a Being thus employ'd; / And thought that in the blind and awful lair / Of such a madness, reason did lie couch'd."

— Wordsworth, William (1770-1850)

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Date: April 1806

"Come, peace of mind, delightful guest! / Oh, come, and make thy downy nest / Once more on his sad heart!"

— Bowles, William Lisle (1762-1850)

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Date: 1809

"But if a youth is once inspir'd, he'll find / He cannot void the poison from his mind; / No more than could the fish when snared withdraw / The crooked steel from his tormented jaw."

— Duncombe, John (1729-1786) [Editor]

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Date: 1809, 1812

"There fawning flatt'ry wins its way, / There the base passions join the fray, / Like beasts that on each other prey; / While the smile hides each trait'rous heart, / And interest plays a Proteus part."

— Combe, William (1742 -1823)

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Date: 1814

"His powers of apprehension were so uncommonly quick as almost to resemble intuition, and the chief care of his preceptor was to prevent him, as a sportsman would phrase it, from over-running his game — that is, from acquiring his knowledge in a slight, flimsy, and inadequate manner."

— Scott, Sir Walter (1771-1832)

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Date: 1814, 1816, 1896

One may try "Conjecture's trackless region round, / To judge what phantasms Fancy might have found-- / What Game the glances of her Hawks might trace, / Or Greyhounds view in visionary chace"

— Woodhouse, James (bap. 1735, d. 1820)

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.