Reason may fix "its peaceful Throne" in the mind and reign alone

— Oldham, John (1653-1683)

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Printed for Jo. Hindmarsh
Reason may fix "its peaceful Throne" in the mind and reign alone
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  Yet had this Friendship no advantage been,
    Unless 'twere exercis'd within;
  What did thy Love to other Objects tie,
    The same made thy own Pow'rs agree,
    And reconcil'd thy self to thee.
    No Discord in thy Soul did rest,
    Save what its Harmony increast.
  Thy mind did with such regular Calmness move,
As held resemblance with the greater Mind above.
    Reason there fix'd its peaceful Throne,
       And reign'd alone
  The Will its easie Neck to Bondage gave,
  And to the ruling Faculty became a Slave.
    The Passions rais'd no Civil Wars,
  Nor discompos'd thee with intestine Jars:
       All did obey,
And paid Allegiance to its rightful Sway.
    All threw their resty Tempers by,
       And gentler Figures drew,
Gentle as Nature in its Infancy,
As when themselves in their first Beings grew.
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Text from The Works of Mr. John Oldham, Together with his Remains (London: Printed for Jo. Hindmarsh, 1684).
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