"This thought such deep impressions makes"

— Shipman, Thomas (1632-1680)

"This thought such deep impressions makes"
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Pardon, great Souls, if I presume
So near, as your Withdrawing room;
Your royal Wardrobe, wherein rests
Your Garniture in Marble Chests.
Safely lockt up, to make more gay
Your second Coronation day.
Then will those mouldy Garments shine
Like that pure stuff, which them must line.
Air'd by the influence of a Ray,
Stronger then what gives life to Day.
Which will new cloath that Beldame Night
With robes, spun of eternal light:
Will make the Sun in Cynders lye;
That Phoenix in its Nest to dye.
For it would be a needless sight,
When every object is more bright.
That shining time we once must know,
If't be allow'd to call it so,
When no degree nor space is found,
But an immortal Nunc goes round.
This thought such deep impressions makes,
My muse with awful rev'rence shakes.
Methinks I hear the Trumpet's sound;
An Earth-quake strikes the palsy'd ground.
The Marbles now discharge their trust,
And faithfully return their Dust.
Behold the quickning Attoms play,
Invited by an heavenly ray.
In close embraces dancing round,
'Till each its old position found,
Uniting then with joy, they rest;
Form'd to a Temple fitly drest
To hold the bright-descending Guest.
Who will not lose by changing place,
Convey'd into its shining Case;
As Sun-beames into Chrystal pass.
Thus animated from above,
Look how the rising Monarchs move!
With lofty meen they Earth despise;
[1]Gods now indeed, and worthy Skies!
Attended by a fitting Train,
Which humbly at their feet had lain.
No Subject boasts a nobler state,
Than on his Prince's dust to wait.
Kings honour bring where they resort,
Making ev'n Golgotha a Court.
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