"Now my soul's palace is become a prison."

— Shakespeare, William (1564-1616)

w. 1592-3 or 1595?, 1623
"Now my soul's palace is become a prison."
Metaphor in Context
Sweet Duke of York, our prop to lean upon,
Now thou art gone, we have no staff, no stay.
O Clifford, boist'rous Clifford -- thou hast slain
The flower of Europe for his chivalry,
And treacherously hast thou vanquished him --
For hand to hand he would have vanquished thee.
Now my soul's palace is become a prison.
Ah, would she break from hence that this my body
Might in the ground be closèd up in rest.
For never henceforth shall I joy again --
Never, O never, shall I see more joy.
Shakespeare, William. The Complete Works. Oxford Shakespeare. Electronic Edition for the IBM PC. Stanley Wells and Gary Taylor, Editor.
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