Fancy is "The forge of shapes and dreams."

— Poole, Joshua (c.1615–c.1656)

Place of Publication
Printed for Tho. Johnson
Fancy is "The forge of shapes and dreams."
Metaphor in Context
The roving, pregnant, busie, teeming sence,
The souls mint. The forge of shapes and dreams,
Commanding Empress of the brain, ubiquitary, faculty.
The immateriall Coyner. That makes a bodilesse Creation.
Bounldesse, restlesse faculty, free from all engagements, digg• without spade, sails without Ships, Flies without wings, builds without charges, fights without bloodshed, in a moment striding from the Center to the circumference of the world, by a kind of omnipotency creating and annihilating things in a moment, and marryng things divorced in nature.
At least 4 entries in ESTC (1657, 1677, 1678).

See Joshua Poole, The English Parnassus, or, a Helpe to English Poesie Containing a Collection of all Rhyming Monosyllables, the Choicest Epithets, and Phrases: With Some General Forms Upon all Occasions, Subjects, and Theams, Alphabeticaly Digested: Together With a Short Institution to English Poesie, by way of a Preface. (London: Printed for Tho. Johnson, 1657). <Link to ESTC><Link to ECCO-TCP>
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