A "thought of shame" may "Bedim the mental eye with film impure"

— De Vere, Sir Aubrey (1788-1846)

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William Pickering
A "thought of shame" may "Bedim the mental eye with film impure"
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Forsake not, Lord! Thy servants, lest they fall,
Defenceless, in the net of spiritual foes!
Too strong within the heart temptation grows,
When proffered objects lure, desires enthral,
And apt occasion answers to our call.
O! trials hard to bear! if He who knows
Our nature's weakness fail to interpose
His sacred shield. Strengthened by Him, not all
The blandishment of Passion shall obscure
The mirror of the soul; nor thought of shame
Bedim the mental eye with film impure
May God renew our spirit! so shall we
Abide our furnace; like the holy Three
Before the Assyrian, mid innocuous flame.
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