"[I]n the virtuous heart is fix'd [Love's] lasting throne"

— Burges, Sir James Bland (1752-1824)

Place of Publication
Printed for the Proprietor, by T. Bensley
"[I]n the virtuous heart is fix'd [Love's] lasting throne"
Metaphor in Context
  But thee I sing, thou first great work of heav'n!
  Pure emanation of th' eternal mind!
  Who, ere an impulse to our orb was giv'n,
  To guide th' unerring fabric wast design'd.
  Thee in each age and every clime we find,
  From Zembla's frost to Afric's burning zone,
  With nature's laws and nature's works combin'd;
  Thy pow'r in all created things is shewn,
And in the virtuous heart is fix'd thy lasting throne.
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The Birth and Triumph of Love. a Poem. By Sir James Bland Lamb: With the Original Designs by an Illustrious Personage. Engraved by P. W. Tomkins. (London: Printed for the proprietor, by T. Bensley, 1823)
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