Genius may "Add novel tints to fancy's rainbow dress."

— Downman, Hugh (1740-1809)

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Printed by Trewman and Son
Genius may "Add novel tints to fancy's rainbow dress."
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But give the tone of brain, the nerves which bear
Faithful impressions strong; give the mild sun
Of opportunity to dart its rays;
Give leisure, curious search, the strenuous thought
Aiming at worth superlative, give time
Which solely perfects wisdom; and the form
Of Genius will arise, on eagle wing
To soar to heaven, or with a lynx's eye
To penetrate the abyss, to associate all
The charms of beauty, grasp the true sublime,
Add novel tints to fancy's rainbow dress;
Or separate the clouds by error spread,
Till all the gloom is vanquish'd, and the light
Of intellectual day wide-blazing streams.
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Text from Infancy, or the Management of Children: a Didactic Poem, in Six Books. The Sixth Edition. To Which Are Added Poems Not Before Published. By Hugh Downman. 6th ed. (Exeter: Printed by Trewman and Son; sold by them and Cadell and Davies, London, 1803).
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