"My soul drooped at the prospect"

— Brown, Charles Brockden (1771-1810)

Place of Publication
New York
George Folliet Hopkins
"My soul drooped at the prospect"
Metaphor in Context
My soul drooped at the prospect, but I said, it cannot be prevented, and this reflection was antidote to grief, but nor that thy ruin is complete, it seems as if some of it were imputable to me, who forsook thee when the succour and counsel of a son were most needed.
(Part II, chapter 14, p. 537)
2 entries in ESTC (1799, 1800).

First part published in 1799; second in 1800. Reading and transcribing text from Charles Brockden Brown, Three Gothic Novels. New York: Library of America,1998.

See Arthur Mervyn; or, Memoirs of the Year 1793. Second Part. By the author of Wieland, Ormond, Huntley [sic], &c. (New-York: Printed and sold by George F. Hopkins, at Washington’s Head, 136, Pearl-Street, 1800). <Link to ESTC>
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