Events "'Together ta'en--they on my mind / 'No good impression leave behind."

— Huddesford, George (bap. 1749, d. 1809)

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Printed for J. Wright
Events "'Together ta'en--they on my mind / 'No good impression leave behind."
Metaphor in Context
"Last year's events I've scann'd--they shew me
"Some prosp'rous scenes, and others gloomy;
"Together ta'en--they on my mind
"No good impression leave behind.

"Now, you must know, my friends, I like
"That same Philosopher antique,
"(Though be assured, not half so well,
"As those in France that bear the bell)
"Who, with his royal master chattering,
"Requested to dispense with flattering
"His Majesty, would condescend,
"Because he meant to be his friend.--
"And thus, for ev'ry Royal Sir,
"(Elector, viz. of Westminster;
"For other Royalty, you know,
"I've turn'd my back on long ago,)
"Trust me, the high consideration
"I feel precludes all consolation:
"I, your true friend, see nought but evils,
"Enough to give you the Blue Devils.
"You've toasted Nelson in a brimmer:--
"Yet fortune, to my ken, looks grimmer
"By half, Sirs, than she did before he
"Enhanc'd Great Britain's naval glory.
"'Twas, I'll admit, a feat to crack on--
"Yet this White Day 's to me a Black One;
"And since some weep for joy, I'll borrow
"Of Joy a tear or two for Sorrow.
"Te Deum sing who will to cheer ye;
"I choose to chaunt my Miserere;
"And, for the Souls, lament and groan,
"Of those who told us they had none!
"Judge, you who quaff Shaksperian wine,
"How dreadful to be drench'd with brine!
"Ah! what induc'd our gallant fleet,
"With nauseous draught saline to treat
"(Not attic salt like Sheridan's)
"Th' advent'rous citizens of France!
"Heav'ns!--were the Great Republic's founders
"Compell'd to fraternize with flounders!--
"And serve the world's Regenerators
"For sandwiches to alligators!
"Of thrice-renown'd, tri-colour'd flags
"Shall Cophtis make their pudding bags,
"Or sulph'rous explosion toss over,
"To crocodiles, a French philosopher!!--
"Had I a heart of oak or flint,
"'Twould break, or else the devil 's in't,
"To recapitulate--Hei Mihi!--
"Such tragi-conquest with a dry eye!!!
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See Crambe Repetita, a Second Course of Bubble and Squeak, or British Beef Galli-Maufry’d: With a Devil’d Biscuit or Two to Help Digestion and "Close the Orifice of the Stomach." By the Author of Topsy-Turvy, Salmagundi, &c. (London: Printed for J. Wright, opposite Old Bond Street, Piccadilly. And sold by J. White, Fleet Street; W. Richardson, Royal Exchange; and J. P. Bateman, Devonshire Street, Queen’s Square, Entered at Stationers Hall, 1799).
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