The heart may be "often-wounded," "Renew'd and heal'd"

— Hurdis, James (1763-1801)

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J. Johnson
The heart may be "often-wounded," "Renew'd and heal'd"
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How peaceable and solemn a retreat
This wood affords! I love to quit the glare
Of sultry day for shadows cool as these:
The sober twilight of this winding way
Lets fall a serious gloom upon the mind,
Which checks, but not appals. Such is the haunt
Religion loves, a meek and humble maid,
Whose tender eye bears not the blaze of day.
And here with Meditation hand in hand
She walks, and feels her often-wounded heart
Renew'd and heal'd.
Speak softly. We presume
A whisper is too loud for solitude
So mute and still.
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7 entries in ESTC (1788, 1790, 1792, 1793, 1797).

See The Village Curate, A Poem (London: Printed for J. Johnson, 1788). <Link to ESTC>
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