"Vainly thy precepts are address'd / Where Virtue steels the steady breast."

— Churchill, Charles (1731-1764)

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Books I-II and III, 1762; Book IV, 1763
"Vainly thy precepts are address'd / Where Virtue steels the steady breast."
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Hence, tempter, to some weaker soul,
Which fear and interest control;
Vainly thy precepts are address'd
Where Virtue steels the steady breast.

Through meanness wade to boasted power,
Through guilt repeated every hour;
What is thy gain, when all is done?
What mighty laurels hast thou won?
Dull crowds, to whom the heart's unknown,
Praise thee for virtues not thy own:
But will, at once man's scourge and friend,
Impartial Conscience too commend?
From her reproaches canst thou fly?
Canst thou with worlds her silence buy?
Believe it not--her stings shall find
A passage to thy coward mind:
There shall she fix her sharpest dart;
There shew thee truly, as thou art,
Unknown to those, by whom thou'rt prized,
Known to thyself, to be despised.
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In four books, first published separately. 11 entries in ESTC (1762, 1763, 1765, 1766, 1769).

See Charles Churchill, The Ghost (London: Printed for the author, and sold by William Flexney, 1762). <Link to ESTC><Link to ECCO><Link to ECCO-TCP>

See also The Ghost. By C. Churchill. Book III. The second edition, with additions. (London: Printed for the author; and sold by W. Flexney, near Gray’s-Inn Gate, Holborn, 1763).<Link to ECCO-TCP>

And also The Ghost: Book IV. By C. Churchill. (London: Printed for J. Coote; W. Flexney; G. Kearsly; T. Henderson; J. Gardner; and J. Almon, 1763). <Link to ECCO-TCP>

Reading Charles Churchill: Selected Poetry, ed. Adam Rounce (Nottingham: Trent Editions, 2003).
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