"Will that restore [the conscience] to sight, quoth my uncle Toby?"

— Sterne, Laurence (1713-1768)

"Will that restore [the conscience] to sight, quoth my uncle Toby?"
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[Here Corporal Trim and my uncleToby exchanged looks with each other. -- Aye,--aye, Trim! quoth my uncle Toby, shaking his head,--these are but sorry fortifications, Trim. --O! very poor work, answered Trim, to what your Honour and I make of it. --The character of this last man, said Dr. Slop, interruptingTrim, is more detestable than all the rest;--and seems to have been taken from some pettifogging Lawyer amongst you: --Amongst us, a man's conscience could not possibly continue so long blinded;--three times in a year, at least, he must go to confession. Will that restore it to sight, quoth my uncle Toby? --Go on, Trim, quoth my father, or Obadiah will have got back before thou hast got to the end of thy sermon;--'tis a very short one, repliedTrim . --I wish it was longer, quoth my uncle Toby, for I like it hugely. --Trim went on.]
(pp. 121-2; Norton 93)
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See Laurence Sterne, The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, 9 vols. (London: Printed for D. Lynch, 1760-1767). <Link to ECCO><Link to 1759 York edition in ECCO>

First two volumes available in ECCO-TCP: <Vol. 1><Vol. 2>. Most text drawn from second (London) edition <Link to LION>.

For vols. 3-4, see ESTC T14705 <R. and J. Dodsley, 1761>. For vols. 5-6, see ESTC T14706 <T. Becket and P. A. Dehondt, 1762>. For vols. 7-8, see ESTC T14820 <T. Becket and P. A. Dehont, 1765>. For vol. 9, <T. Becket and P. A. Dehondt, 1767>.

Reading in Laurence Sterne, Tristram Shandy: An Authoritative Text, Backgrounds and Sources, Criticism, Ed. Howard Anderson (New York: Norton, 1980).
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