"Their Minds, just molded, the Impression took"

— Gould, Robert (b. 1660?, d. in or before 1709)

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Printed for W. Lewis
"Their Minds, just molded, the Impression took"
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In whom the Blood of dear Mirana runs;
Look how the Mother has fill'd ev'ry Eye,
Tho' some so Young, they weep and know not why.
And here, Methinks, we may too plainly see
The hard, and rash Resolve of Destiny.
Their Minds, just molded, the Impression took,
Truth from her Soul, and Sweetness from her Look,
When in one Moment she was from 'em torn,
That Living Precept! whom we all must mourn.
Where can they now the like Example find?
At least, the like among the Beaute'ous Kind?
Who can, like Her, a Constant System be
Of Prudence, Meekness, Love and Purity?
Who now can raise their Souls to fit the Frame
That was design'd 'em by the Noble Dame?
Or cloath 'em round with Vertue for their Guard,
And make that easie which we make so hard?
Weep all you Tuneful Nine with one Consent,
And just as when Urania dy'd Lament.
And you her Children as your Tale's the same,
With equal Sorrows give her down to Fame.
What juster Cause can for our Tears be known
Than Honour, Grace, Renown and Sweetness gone?
Think what the Pale-fac'd Tyrant has engrost,
And what your selves, and what the World has lost?
Mirtillo, you are old enough to know;
Inform the Younger as they riper grow,
That with their Knowledge still their Tears may flow!
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The Works of Mr. Robert Gould: In Two Volumes. Consisting of those Poems and Satyrs Which were formerly Printed, and Corrected since by the Author; As also of the many more which He Design'd for the Press. Publish'd from his Own Original Copies (London: W. Lewis, 1709). <Link to ECCO>
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